Express - Erratic Weights

If the Libra Express app shows erratic weights, there may be an issue with the load cell(s).

  1. Ensure the equipment’s load cell junction box cable is connected and secured to the Libra Express device.
  2. Inspect all the wiring and junction box connections. Check for any cabling that is rubbed, damaged, or pinched. 
  3. Assuming there is a stable weight when the equipment is parked, apply weight (perhaps your body weight) to each of the load cells to ensure the scale weight goes up by the same amount no matter where weight is added to the equipment. This verifies there is an equal signal from all load cells.
  4. If the weight is not stable when parked, start disconnecting one load cell at a time from the junction box. This should point towards the source of the wondering signal.
  5. If a faulty load cell or cable isn't obvious, it could be a junction box issue. Check for corrosion on the circuit board or moisture inside if the junction box is an open enclosure (screw terminal) style.   
  6. Tap Send Diagnostics in the Device tab to send Agrimatics an email with all weight measurements collected by your Libra Express app. When sending diagnostics, please add some descriptive notes to the email to ensure that we understand the problem or the specific need.