TMR - Loading and Feeding

Loading a New Batch

The primary display or remote displays with remote control access can control loading the ingredients in the mixer while within range. 

  1. Select the Display tab. 
  2. Tap and select the correct feed group and feeding.
  3. Tap Load (on either primary or remote display) and select New Batch. If there is weight on the mixer, it will allow you to either include ingredients or clear the mixer's ingredients/weight.
  4. Confirm weight and feed group/feeding, and tap Enter. 
  5. Begin loading the first ingredient displayed in the ration.
  6. Tap Next to load the next ingredient in the ration.
  7. Tap End to complete.

Only the primary display can control feeding (unloading) from the mobile device. 

  1. Select the Display tab and then tap Feed. 
  2. Begin unloading and feeding the first pen in the feed group. 
  3. Tap Next to feed the next pen in the feed group. 
  4. Tap End to complete.

For additional help the video tutorial below will show this process in-app: