Cart - Adding Destination Groups and Destinations

The Destinations tab is organized like a folder system with destination groups (bins, bags, contracts, elevator, etc.) and destinations (bin 1, bin 2, etc.) within a group (Destination Group > Destination). 

Adding Destination Groups
  1. Select the Destinations tab.
  2. Tap + to add a destination group.
  3. Type in the destination group name, and tap Done. 
Adding Destinations
  1. Select the Destinations tab.
  2. Tap the destination group name to advance to destinations in that group. 
  3. Tap + to add a destination. 
  4. Type in the destination name, enable or disable Carry Forward and tap Done. 

Carry Forward Through Seasons

If the Carry Forward Thru Seasons setting is enabled for a destination, at the start of each new season (current season), the field and truck totals will be automatically reset to zero, while the totals for destinations persist from one season to the next. 

For additional help the video tutorial below will show this process in-app: