Cloud - Adding a User/Mobile Device to an Account

Users/Mobile Devices

Users are mobile devices that are connected to the cloud service account. A user is automatically created when creating a cloud account from the Libra Cart app. With a Basic account, multiple users act as independent Libra Cart backups. To sync and share harvest data between multiple users/mobile devices with the Libra Cart app, each mobile device needs a Pro license. 

To just view the live weights on the grain cart within range (to calibrate the yield monitor), an additional mobile device does not need to connect to the cloud service account as this feature is over Bluetooth. To use the live weight feature, pair as a Remote Display in the Settings tab. 

Adding a User from a Computer
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with the Gmail or Google Account email used for the account. 
  3. Go to the Users page.
  4. Click Add+.
  5. Enter a name for the user/mobile device and assign a role. An access code will be displayed for the new user/mobile device to join the existing account.
  6. The new user/mobile device must tap Enable Cloud in the Cloud tab of the Libra Cart app, select Join Existing Account, and enter the access code.
  7. To display the access code again, go to the Users page and click the manage mobile device icon next to the new user's name.