Cloud - Moisture Editing

To update the moisture automatically in the Libra Cart app, a moisture sensor kit is available through Agrimatics distributors.

Bulk Moisture Editing

You can make bulk edits to field and destination transactions through the desktop web app. This lets you make changes like update the moisture of every load on a field, or move all the transactions to a different destination. Bulk transaction editing is a Pro feature.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with the Gmail or Google Account email used for the account. 
  3. Click the Fields or Destinations page, and click the Bulk Transaction Edit icon next to the list of fields or destinations to view the editing options. 
  4. Edit, click Continue, view the summary of your changes, and then click Update to complete. 

Individual Transaction Editing

In the Libra Cart app, the Fields and Destinations tabs list the first set of transactions off the field. The Trucks tab shows the transactions off the truck. When editing a transaction on the Trucks tab, the transaction(s) off the field can also be seen, and they are listed as the 'Individual Loads.' 

When a Truck is Involved

In the Trucks tab of the Libra Cart app, you can edit the moisture of transactions off the truck. This will affect the total dry weight at the destination without affecting the field. If you edit the 'Individual Loads' off the field listed within the truck transaction (or edit from either the Fields or Destination tab), this will affect the field's total dry weight without affecting the destination. From the web, you can edit the destination moisture without affecting the field moisture by editing through the Destinations page. In the app, this is done in the Trucks tab.

When No truck is Involved

 The transaction is field directly to the destination. When editing the moisture, both the field and destination dry totals will be affected.