Harvest - Automatic Unload Detection

Main Keys
Tare sets a reference weight from which the subsequent readings are based (net weight).
Clear clears the tare reference weight.
Unload and Save manually forces the start or end of an unload event, whether or not unload detection is enabled.

Underneath the upper display is an area that indicates whether the system is configured to automatically detect unloading, with the text "Auto" or "Manual." If the device is in remote display mode, this area displays "Remote".

When using automatic unload detection, the  Unload and  Save keys do not need to be used. The system will automatically detect unloading (during which the "Auto" text is replaced with flashing "Unloading" text) and will automatically save the following information in the Libra Harvest app: date, time, wet/dry weights, and GPS coordinates (if mobile device supports GPS). Each load is also associated with the selected field, truck, destination, operator, commodity, test weight, temperature, and moisture. The system will automatically detect loads larger than approximately 1000 lb (Minimum Load) configured in the  Settings tab.

Unload the contents of the grain cart into the truck. The weight reading of the upper display will rise indicating the amount being unloaded, and the weight reading of the lower display will continue to show the gross weight on the cart.

Empty Truck/No Truck
Emptying the truck will transfer the weight totals from the truck to the selected destination.
1. Choose the destination to which the truck will unload.
2. Physically unload the truck to the chosen destination.
3. Tap  Empty to the right of the truck total in the  Display tab.