Harvest - Adding Truck Groups and Trucks

The Trucks tab is organized like a folder system with truck groups and trucks within a group (Truck Groups > Trucks). 

Adding a Truck Group

  1. Select the Trucks tab
  2. Tap Add+ to add a truck group.
  3. Type in the name of the truck group and tap Done.

The truck group name can be edited by tapping 🖊️

Adding a Truck to a Group
1. Tap the name of the truck group or > to advance to the trucks assigned that group.
2. Tap  Add+ to add a truck.
3. Type in the truck name, truck tare weight (weight of empty truck), the max GVW, and then tap  Done.

Viewing Truck Details

The Truck Details include tare weight, max gross vehicle weight, current load, as well as all historical loads. To view the details and all of the transactions for a truck, tap 🖊️