Express - Pairing the Remote Display

Remote display allows an unlimited number of remote users to monitor the live weights while within range of the Libra Express device. In this mode, operation is restricted so that no transactions can be processed or viewed. Remote displays operate only while the primary display is connected. Pair directly through the Libra Express app in the Equipment tab, NOT through your general smartphone/tablet Bluetooth settings.

  1. Bring the mobile device to the Libra Express device and launch the Libra Express app. 
  2. Select the Settings tab and ensure Remote Display is selected. Pairing a remote display can only be done after the primary display has been paired. 
  3. Select the Equipment tab.
  4. Tap + to add and configure the Libra Express device. 
  5. Name the equipment, select how you would like the weights to be displayed (5lb, 10lb, etc.), and tap Done to complete.