Express - Finding and Entering Load Cell Ratings (Sensitivity/Rated Capacity)

If you have an existing indicator:

Find the calibration number of your existing indicator and note that as the Rated Capacity (lb), and note 0.40 as the Sensitivity. Please consult the existing indicator’s user manual for help retrieving the calibration number.

In all other cases:

Note the Sensitivity (Rated Output) and Rated Capacity (Rated Load) from a single load cell on the equipment. Multiply the Rated Capacity (Rated Load) by the total number of load cells on the equipment.

If specifications are unknown, a suggested starting point is a Sensitivity of 0.40 and a Rated Capacity of 8000 lb multiplied by the total number of load cells on the equipment (e.g., 24,000 lb for three load cells, 40,000 lb for five load cells), regardless of the equipment’s overall capacity.

  1. Ensure the Libra Express device and app are paired and communicating.
  2. Select the Settings tab and ensure units(lb, kg) are set to those of the Rated Capacity found previously.
  3. Select the Device tab and enter the Sensitivity and Rated Capacity by tapping on the blue text.
  4. Tap Next, then Save.
  5. Ensure equipment is Empty, and then tap Zero Scale and Zero to confirm.
  6. Select the Display tab and tap Tare.
  7. Apply a known weight (perhaps yourbody weight) to one of the equipment’sload cells, recording the displayed weight. Repeat with each remaining load cell. Ifthe load cell weights agree and are roughly correct, calibrate. If the weights agree but are roughly half of that expected, double the Rated Capacity entered previously(leaving the Sensitivity). If the weights do not agree, check wiring and load cell orientation.
  8. Go To Express - Calibrate article.