Cart - Pairing the Primary Display

The primary display stores and displays all of your harvest data. Only one mobile device can be the primary display, which is the device in the cab of the grain cart.

Pairing is done directly through the Libra Cart app in the Settings tab, NOT through your general smartphone/tablet Bluetooth settings.

  1. Bring the mobile device to the Libra Cart device and launch the Libra Cart app. 
  2. Select the Settings tab and ensure Primary Display is selected for the main mobile device in the grain cart. Pairing a remote display can only be done after the primary display has been paired. 
  3. Tap + to pair to the Libra Cart device. 
  4. Once pairing is successful, tap Okay. 
  5. Name the cart, select how you would like the weights to be displayed (10 lb, 20 lb, etc.), and tap Done to complete.

For additional help the video tutorial below will show this process in-app: