Cart - General Operation: Automatic Unload Detection

General Operation

The system defaults to have automatic unload detection enabled. In this mode, Unload and Save on the Display Tab need not be used. The system automatically detects unloading on loads larger than approximately 1000 lbs and saves the following information in the Libra Cart app: date, time, wet/dry weights, and GPS coordinates (if mobile device supports GPS). Each load is associated with the selected field and crop type, truck (if selected), destination, operator, test weight, temperature, and moisture on the Display tab. 

  1. Select the current field, truck (or select No Truck if not tracking trucks), destination, operator on the Display tab.
  2. Begin physically unloading the contents of the grain cart into the truck or destination. When the system detects unloading, the weight reading on the upper display shows the current amount being unloaded and the lower display shows the gross weight on the cart. 
  3. Once unloading stops, the load information will automatically save. The Save key may be optionally used at any time to finish and save a transaction, whether automatically detected or started manually. 
Emptying Trucks

Emptying the truck transfers the weight totals from the selected truck to the selected destination. 

  1. Select the destination to which the truck will unload on the Display tab. 
  2. Physically unload the truck to the chosen destination. 
  3. Tap Empty next to the truck total on the Display tab. 

For additional help the video tutorial below will show this process in-app: