Serial Link - Bluetooth Pairing Issues

See Pairing for instructions. If unsuccessful, ensure each of the following: 

  1. Ensure the Libra Harvest app and the app is running the latest version from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. You are pairing from the Settings tab of the Libra Harvest app and NOT the general tablet / smartphone Bluetooth settings.
  3. Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile device.
  4. Ensure your device is receiving power. The green LED on the Serial link will flash once if it is receiving power. It will flash twice if it is connected to a device.
  5. Your device is model number M0014, M0016 or IFM-CART. Serial Link will not work with any other device.
  6. The device is not currently connected to another Libra Harvest app. If the LED on the Serial Link is flashing twice it is connected to another app. The connected app will have a solid link symbol just above the Clear button on the Display tab.
  7. The device is not already listed under Selected Devices under the Grain Cart in the Settings tab of the Libra Harvest app (tap the ⚙️ next to the grain cart to check selected devices). If the device is listed, but there is no checkmark beside the cart name, tap the name to reconnect.
  8. Your Serial Link power and interface cables are in good condition. Check for any pinches, tears, or breaks on the cables and connections.

If still unsuccessful, try the following:

  1. Under general Bluetooth settings, Turn Bluetooth OFF then back ON.
  2. Turn airplane mode ON then OFF on the mobile device. 
  3. Restart the mobile device. 
  4. Unplug the Serial Link's power cable, wait a full 60 seconds and then reinsert. 
  5. Try another compatible mobile device.