Cart - Deleting Transactions/Harvest Data

To delete any unload transaction, swipe left on the transaction and tap Delete. 
To delete a grower, farm, field, truck group, truck, destination group, destination, or operator, swipe left on the name and tap Delete. Note that these are organized like a folder system to prevent the accidental loss of important data. Growers, farms, fields, truck groups, trucks, destination groups, destinations, crops, or operators that have harvest data associated with them but are no longer in use can be archived to no longer show up in the select lists. Archive is a pro feature and is done through the desktop web app. 
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with the Gmail or Google Account email used for the account. 
  3. Click the Fields, Trucks, Destinations, Crops or Operators page, click the red garbage can icon next to the name, and then click Archive to complete.
  4. Click the Archive page to view all archived names. 

Restoring Archived Names

You can restore previously archived items to make them active again in just a few clicks. 

  1. Click the Archive page to view the previously archived names. 
  2. Click the wand icon beside the name to restore.